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Welcome to our travel news blog, your portal to understanding what's happening in our local international communities. Here we dive into exploring how they adapt civically, culturally, professionally and over all integrate, and thrive locally and abroad.

We share the heart of the people and places of each destination, uncovering stories of tradition, innovation, and community spirit. From Westchester New York to Africa & Latin America we seek to capture the essence of each culture and the people who inhabit it. See our local global community in a new way and to love, inspire & travel for unity sake!

*After the sale of WVOX radio station and the shutdown of Culturally Lit Radio show in 2023, we shifted focus discovering new ways to connect to the same audience. We had already shifted from divisive politics to music as a means of connection. However, amidst extensive travel and cultural exploration, we've observed a global trend of increasing division, pitting big against small, rich against poor, and white against Black and Brown. While such struggles have always existed, today they are more widely documented, overshadowing positive stories that unite us. We believe in highlighting the beauty of diverse cultures, fostering understanding through travel, and promoting a message of unity in the face of growing division this blog will help us do that and now Culturally Lit is a podcast covering more than music, people, but culture and places and connecting to the world from our backyard.

About: Aleida Castillo, Host

Aleida‚Äôs political, business, and community engagement work is much around creating a deeper understanding and connection to the local culture within multi-cultural environments. This work propelled her to create The Culturally Lit Series to raise cultural awareness and raise culture IQ and now it has grown in to an international network.

"Join me in empowering women through royal cultural experiences in Ghana, transforming your travel journey into meaningful impact!"

I am often chosen for my gift and skill in advising political campaigns and small businesses on the grassroots culture and offering insight in simple but profound ways. This insight has contributed to significant victories, including breaking records in every district on MSNBC Legal Analyst Mimi Rocah's Campaign for District Attorney in Westchester, New York.

My passion for the culture extends beyond politics, business, and borders to creating transformative experiences for local and international communities. I invite companies, women's associations, and community organizations, especially those who travel for annual meetings, to join the Royal Woman Tour in Ghana. (My dates or yours)

Embark on this journey to transform yourself and your company. You will return with a renewed sense of purpose, self-value, heightened productivity, and a deeper appreciation of the cultures within your organization.

Let's connect and spread culture love!

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